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Stages of the Travel
   1 Phnom Penh
2 Killing fields
3 Tonlè Sap
4 Ankor
5 Battambang
6 The forest

The travel begins on the 2nd November 2001, from Milan Malpensa. Passing thourgh Rome and Bangkok, I arrived to Phnonm Peng. The objective of the travel is a trip in solitary of Cambodia, in order to know the Far East, in order to visit its famous ruins in the forest, in order to enter in contact with the local population. Moreover, to do something useful, before leaving I contacted Emergency (association that takes care to assist the civil victims of war), that in Cambodia has a hospital, and they asked me to carry the medical stuff to the hospital of Battambang from the headquarters in Milan.

My knowledge of Cambodia was much limited, just some documentary on its sad history of last the thirty years.
I can tell you that it has been the most beautiful experience of my life, and are only convinced that sara' the same one for you if you will have the possibility and it wants to face a similar travel.

1 - Phonm Penh 2 - Killing Fields
Phonm Penh, capital of Cambodia    My visit starts from Phonm Penh, capital of Cambodia. Chaotic like all the cities of the Far East, characterized from the complete lack of whichever rule of circulation for the cars and motorbikes, arrange one increasing modernity with a fascination only legacy to its roots. The real palace, with its courtyards, its stupas and its pagodas is the most tourist attraction. But its ways, its mercatini, and its atmospheres from ancient colonial city cannot be lost. Photos.
Killing Fields S21, Phonm Penh, CAmbodia    Memories of its recent past, the extermination camps and the prisons as S.21 remains as indelible mark for the future generations, in order not to forget and not to repeat all this.
3 - Tonlè Sap 4 - Ankor
Tonlè Sap, Cambodia    And the heart push-button of Cambodia. This lago is expanded and ritrae with alternating itself of the seasons of the rain. The transfer in boat from Phnom Penh to Seam Reap e' an only experience, than allows you to enter in contact with the various rural truth of Cambodia. Photos.
Ankor, Cambodia   

Declared patrimony of the humanity from the Unesco, Angkor covers a wide area, even if the greater part of the temples is regroups inside a 10 kilometri radius from Angkor Wat and the fortified city of Angkor Thom. In these ruins you can have the unique feeling of being an exploratory inside unexplored ruins. An unforgettable experience.
Take a look to pictures

5 - Battambang .
Emergency Battambang, Hospital Ilaria Alpi, CAmbodia   

The thirty years of war, that have bloodied Cambodia, have left if possible a more painful result. All the factions in the years have scattered to the land of mines antipersonnel.
After years from the end of military operations these mines continue to produce victims, every day, leaving on the ground cripple persons.
The mines are not designed in order to kill, to the contrary they are scrupulously thought in order to tear horribly to pieces the limbs and leaving the persons alive but cripples. The hospital ' Ilaria Alpi' in Battambang, created and managed by Emergency , is engaged to help these victims, trying before to save lives, then to still give an existence with dignity to these persons, children, often forced by mutilations to a life without a future... [follows]

Emergency Hospital in Battambang

Ciai Milano, Orphanage in BAttambang, Cambodia   

In Battambang the CIAI , association based in Milan, manages a orphanage. It was first orphanage I visited in my life, and for the moment the only one. I have always imagined them as sad places, where ill-fated children lived in the pity.
Even if it will seem impossible to you, this is a wonderful place, where happy children run everywhere. Merit of all this is for sure to debit to how this istitute is organized. There are many small houses, all rigorously in Khmer style, where the lifes of little groups of boys are organized as in families, where the older ones help the Grand Mama who manages the house to attend the younger ones. I have visited the orfanotrofio with one of the managers, Lucia, and with some members of the Emergency staff.

CIAI Orphanage in Battambang

6 - The Forest
Forest Around Battambang, Cambodia    Ake, the manager of the Hospital of Emergency, offers me the fantastic opportunity to follow him in the check visit to the First Aid Points to the inside of the forest. A young Spanish photographer, who was living in Cambodia in order to realize a reportage photographic, joined us. With to driver and an assistant we have crossed for 3 days the forest to east south of battambang, on improvised instable paths, bridges and smallest villages completely isolate.

First Aid Points and the Forest

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