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Hospital of Battambang

Thirty years of war in Cambodia have left, if even possible, a more painful result. All the factions in the years have covered the land of thousands land mines.
After years from the end of military operations these mines continue to produce victims, every day, leaving on the ground crippled persons.
The mines are not planned in order to kill, to the contrary they are scrupulously thoughts in order to tear horribly to pieces the limbs and leaving the persons alive but crippled. Hospital Ilaria Alpi in Battambang, created and managed by Emergency, is engaged to help these victims, trying first of all to save lives, then to return adult and children to an existence with dignity, often forced by mutilations to a life without a future.

Fortunately in this last period the number of victims due to mines is slowly decreasing. Taking advantage of its experience in ortopedia, the hospital is engaging also in the cure of the children affected by malformations to the limbs. In particular there is a plan to help children affected by polio, who have endured malformations to the inferior limbs that make them totally o partially unable to walk. The low level madical system of Cambodian is not able to take care of them, condemning them to the impossibility to walk.

During my vistit I have had the fortune to spend few days with Emergency madical staff in Battambang, made by doctors and nources coming from Finland, Italy, Kurdistan, Polonia, Great Britain, Australia, and I had the chance to appreciate their extraordinary job.

I invite you to view photos taken during my days in Emergenxy Hospital in Battambang.

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